For over 65 years, Masson For Light has designed and manufactured quality lighting in Melbourne, Australia. Specialising in architectural lighting for commercial, retail, hospitality, residential and public spaces. Their focus is on innovative product design and lighting solutions tailored to suit each project. With a factory in Melbourne, it is possible to customise products for those clients wanting something a bit different for their individual projects.

My role:
I designed and developed a high fidelity prototype based on conducted research, usability testing, card sort and competitor analysis. The UI and visual design focused on responsiveness, navigation and filter functionality for products.

A mobile-friendly, customer-centred website that is easy to navigate and find products that specifically meets their requirements, such as mounting and technology.

Company: Masson for Light
Role: Digital Designer
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Prototype not implemented by Masson For Light Pty Ltd.
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