The University of Melbourne’s students’ website is the institutions’ primary channel for disseminating information to current students. Over the past three years, it has undergone extensive changes, absorbing content from various university webpages, with the objectives of helping students to self-serve their information needs while reducing demand on university personnel.

However, there was anecdotal evidence that visitors find the website difficult to use. Primary stakeholders believe that students value the information on the website, but struggle to locate it due to how the information is categorised, and because of an unwieldy navigation system.

Conduct CX hypothesis validation, competitive analysis, exploratory research, card sort and development of personas, to inform a new information architecture, wireframes and navigation system to guide University of Melbourne’s development of their student’s website.

A user-centred website with an information architecture that is easier to navigate for students to find information. A more valuable and measurable platform with all the student services and information in one place.

Company: © Edge 2019
Client: University of Melbourne
Role: UX & UI / Digital Designer<br>
Location: Melbourne, Australia