The Guide to Living Well outlines the key areas to consider, so you’re armed to help your parents navigate their later years, and also get thinking about how to prepare, as you too grow older. The resource is available as an interactive PDF to download on Apia and 5GF’s websites and printed in a limited amount for the client’s branches around Australia and their visiting customers.

My role:
I led the design of this unique resource – development of a unified design language representing their partnership that respects both Apia and 5GF’s brand guidelines.

A useful resource that helps to develop a plan for growing older well. Source of information on topics including independence, health and wellbeing, finances and funding and the importance of social connectedness and relationships. The guide also provides many useful conversation starters, checklists and references to make planning for the future as simple as possible.

Company: © Edge 2019
Client: Apia and Five Good Friends
Role: Art Director / Senior Designer
Location: Melbourne, Australia