Join the 2 million Aussies generating clean energy from their homes. An experience that simplifies the process of buying and installing solar and batteries on your home. The platform generates free personalised quotes, manage the entire installation and provide ongoing support to customers.

My role:
Define a navigation system and design a UI that seamlessly takes the customer through the process of buying and installing solar and batteries. From personalised quotes and systems optimised for the home, solar generation and savings helping them understand the benefit, a clear overview of the costs to purchase and install their system, help with the coordination of Government rebates and loans, all the way to arranging installation and making the purchase.

The UI includes a fixed side panel with an aerial view of the customer’s roof and where the solar panels will be placed for a constant personalised experience. Furthermore, the customer can customise the content based on their financials, choosing to include information about loans and/or government rebates. The customer navigates using the vertical one-page scroll bar that allows to vertically navigate between different sections smoothly. The delivery included a UI kit with buttons and elements such as toggle switches, stepper controls, checkboxes, radio buttons, form fields, dropdowns, icons and process navigation. Other responsibilities include assisting with their website and visual design elements.

After launching the pilot 12 months ago through selected electricity retailers, the UPowr Platform is set to become available directly to households in September 2020. Offering a completely digital, end to end installation experience – the UPowr Platform allows customers to request personalised quotes for solar and batteries, which are generated to suit both the customer’s physical house and the way they use electricity.

Company: Independent / Freelance
Client: uPowr
Role: Digital & UX/UI Designer
Location: Melbourne, Australia