A new platform designed to empower professionals to take action on climate at work. The platform offers specific goals you can choose to champion in your organisation.

The platform offers content on how to achieve the goal chosen and case studies showing how other organisations have successfully made a change. Connections to relevant experts, industry groups, and peers working on similar challenges and support from the team. WorkForClimate is a collection of professionals who believe that climate change is the biggest threat we face as a society and are taking action at our workplaces to solve it. WFC provides inspiration, strategy, and support for you to help your company make a real impact on our climate.

Design process:

  1. Define – Sitemap, User Journey Mapping
  2. Ideate – HMW (How Might We), Brain Storming Ideas, Playbook road map, User flow, Sketches
  3. Design – Ideas, Playbook Road Map, User flow, Branding
  4. Build – Wireframes, Prototyping

Company: Independent / Freelance
Client: Sunrise Project – WorkForClimate
Role: Digital & UX/UI Designer
Location: Melbourne, Australia